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2014 Archived News for Harvey County Independent

Burrton Journalism Students Competed At Regionals

Posted 3/20/2014

By Bailey Terry

Special to The Independent 

NEWTON – On Feb. 28, the BHS journalism students went to regionals at Wichita State University.

The students who attended were Alissa Satterfield, Bailey Terry, Brianna Robinson, Nathan Harper, and Fabienne Kuechler. Allison Boeger sent in her contests, but did not attend. Mrs. Zehr is the journalism teacher that attended with the students.

Senior Brianna Robinson said, “I’m really excited to make it to state again. I’m also really proud of everyone that made it. I can’t wait to travel with these girls, even though it is at KU.”

The contests these students participated in included carry-in contests and on-site, written contests. Satterfield competed in carry-in contests Yearbook Layout, Academic Photography, and Headline Writing. Terry competed in Sports Photography, News Page Design, and Advertising.

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Halstead High Exchanged Student Excels In American Sports

Posted 3/20/2014

By Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD – Peter Eckroll is a 17-year-old-exchange student from Fuglevikaasen, Norway, attending Halstead High School this year. 

Eckroll arrived last August and is living with the Clint Herman family.

Eckroll is perhaps the most widely known exchange student at the school due to his participation in athletics.

At his home, as in most foreign countries, sports are not a part of the educational curriculum.  Sports are done outside of school on club teams. At HHS, Eckroll played on the Dragons football team, where he was the kicker. He played soccer for 10 years in Norway. 

Eckroll also wrestled for the school. His style of wrestling, called Roman-Greco, is different than the style used in American high schools. Eckroll said when “wrestling at home, we are not allowed to grab their legs; it has been hard to adjust.”

Eckroll adjusted well and was the sole HHS representative at he Class 3-2-1A State Wrestling Meet in Hays last month. Not only did he represent Halstead, he medaled, coming away with a sixth-place medal.

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Art Supplies Donated To Halstead High

Posted 3/20/2014

By Pilar Martin

HALSTEAD – Halstead High School recently received a generous donation of art supplies.

Michelle and Andy Newbrey recently closed their art studio in Towanda and rather than sell off their remaining inventory, they donated the supplies to Halstead High School.

The supplies, a lot still in their wrappings, are brushes, oil paints, canvasses, etc., with a value of close to $16,000.

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Bentley Home Receives Bill For 56,000 Gallons Of Water

Posted 3/20/2014

To By Glenn Koster

BENTLEY – With an overflow crowd in attendance, the Bentley City Council met last Thursday with an already full agenda stretched by a lengthy discussion during public forum over an unexplainable water bill. 

During the public forum, Darren Nickels appeared on behalf of his brother, Aaron, the recent recipient of a water bill for 56,000 gallons of water in January, or the equivalent of 75 gallons per hour for the entire month.

Both brothers expressed their appreciation for City Public Works Director Dan Bliss doing his job, while explaining that as soon as they took the call from Bliss they sped to Bentley, worried about flooding.

Darren explained, “If the water was running that much, you would have water somewhere either in the house or yard, but everything was dry.”

Nickels explained that he turned the water slowly back on as instructed and the meter began spinning wildly once again.  A few gentle taps on the side of the meter and the meter stopped.

“Since that time,” Darren explained, “Aaron has used just 400 gallons of water in nearly a month.”

Both Bliss and the council were as confused by the issue as the owner.

Since the city buys water from the City of Wichita, councilmember Mona James wonder if the city bill had increased as well.  The council was informed that Bentley’s usage had risen approximately 100,000 gallons, of which 33,000 was attributed to another homeowner with a confirmed water leak.

Upon questioning from the council, City Engineer Harlan Foraker said, “Typically when a meter goes bad, it registers nothing.” Offering an explanation to what had been observed, Foraker said, “If you have a water leak, it can simply be going in the sewer.”

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